The Best Coaching Class for RCSC PE In-person tuition + virtual classroom

About Our Class

Class Format and Content

* Two practice exams with OMR sheet

* One dedicated tutor per classroom

* Duration – 15 days (3 hours daily)

* In-class lecture/tutorial and self-practice

* Solving past PE papers (2010-20)

* Virtual Classroom with video lessons (8)

*200+ practice questions by topics


* Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Word Usage

* Numbers, Operations, Logic, Patterns
* Speed/Work, Financial Maths, Clock/Time,

* Basic Statistics, Counting and Probability
* Graphs and questions

LOCATION: Kelki School; FEE: Nu. 2,500/-; DURATION: 15 days from 16-31 July

Know Your Tutors

  • Karma
  • DorjiChophel
  • ChimiWangchuk
  • UgyenLhamo
  • TenzinDorji
  • TashiWangchuk
  • TandinDorji
  • RinzinDorji

Testimonials from students

  • I highly recommend Druk Infinity if you are struggling while preparing yourself for PE and RCSE. I was very worried and lost until I received guidance from Druk infinity. They have highly qualified, approachable and accessible tutors along with useful resources to get you fully prepared for PE and RCSE. I attended coaching with Druk Infinity with the hope of cracking RCSE and Here I am offering my sincere gratitude to Druk infinity team for making my dreams come true. (Dawa Dema, 3rd Rank in PGDFM)

  • I am truly grateful to Druk infinity. The tutors are not too old but it doesn’t mean that are inadequate at all. In fact being young and having been through same situation themselves not long ago, they are in even better place relate to us; they not only educate us with the most updated version of PE and RCSC questions and norms but also helps us feel at ease throughout the process. After all the tuitions and hard work with the help of Druk infinity, here I am working as a proud civil servant living my dream life. (Tshering Lham, Ministry of Finance)
  • About my 2020 PE couching class, the most I have enjoyed is its flexibility and convenience. I was able to attend a full-time online course from Tsirang without any struggle. My experience with Druk Infinity’s PE coaching class was super smooth; the registration process was very simple & easy, course materials were good, the mentoring approach was good and learning with other via internet helped me gain new knowledge & techniques to tackle the exam. I became confident after this course. All in all a wholesome course with a tremendous learning experience at a very reasonable fee. I chose to learn from the best, I highly recommend others too!
    (Dipsika Gurung, 2020)

  • Your class was the best PE classes I have ever attended. The reason why I got through PE last year was all because of you sir. I could learn a lot of things from the PE classes I have had with you like easy way to solve tough questions, lots of short cuts so that the question becomes easy for solving. And most importantly you make sure that you clear all the doubts as soon as possible. You have worked so hard for your students sir. Much appreciation to you for all that you did for us. Thank you for your time and effort you put for your students sir. (Shristhata Adhikari, 2020)

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