PE Online Tutorial By DRUK INFINITY Education

About the Class

* 10+ explainer videos to provide basic concepts (~1 hour each)
* 200+ questions from past papers (2014-2018) for problem solving and data interpretation along with solution
* 200+ questions for English vocabulary
* Comprehensive notes for Dzongkha
* Fee: Nu. 1,250/- only

* ONE complete Practice Exam online (graded immediately on completion)
* Online (live) classes every Monday and/or Thursday to solve doubts via Zoom & Facebook from 6-8 p.m. for a 1.5 months.
* Online explanation by tutor Tandin Dorji (5 years experience tutoring for the PE)
* Access to all course materials until end of exam

  • There is a trial period of 24 hours from the issuance of credentials for MOODLE e-learning site within which you can try out the course and get a FULL refund if the course is not up to your expectation. Just send us an email; no questions will be asked (except for your feedback for us to improve).

For Learners

Recommended learning track

* Watch explainer videos
* Read notes/ review PowerPoints
* Practice quizzes (past questions)
* Share doubts to tutor
* Attend live class for explanation

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Feedback from students How is the class?

  • Effective la . Really liked the idea of stages of question sets as beginners intermediate and advance . And would like to suggest sir if teaching could go for 3 hrs as we are having only in alternative days . Thank you

  • First n foremost I would like to thank sir and team for such a great initiative la. About class – Very effective – Educative – Knowledgable N very interesting la😍
  • It was very interesting and interactive la sir…hope to learn through same environment
  • It is amazing and the platform we use right now is reliable.

  • I have attended first online class la, it was great class – same like teaching in the classroom.
  • Great to learn from the basics. So far everything is good la!
  • It’s interesting. We are able to catch the concepts quickly and tips and techniques are really helpful. It’s encouraging la.
  • You are explaining it very well, but I feel you are going a little fast at some point . It would be better if sir could finish one topic first, and then give us hint that you are gonna move to another, and then take a step la. If possible la sir, otherwise this is good though. ☺
  • It’s been helpful for me to revise some of the basic math I had learned a while ago but hadn’t used it in so long. The class is engaging – as engaging as online classes can be, and the past two sessions have been well organized.
  • Class is going good till date, its been easy to grab your concepts and techniques. Tq for your effort and initiative we are able to prepare ourselves for exam even in this lock down.
  • The online class was really informative and helpful. The online Class has helped people residing out-of Thimphu.
  • Class is okay so far. Just want to ask you to upload more of practice questions on MOODLE na lu. Thank you.
  • The class was very useful and informative. It been a long since I have kept in touch with mathematics, truth be told I have actually forgotten most of the concepts but you have made much more easier for me. I really like the class and how you explain it in a simple yet effective manner. Thank you so much, I really enjoyed the class la 😊.
  • Class was good. I could understand clean and clear
  • It’s very effective and interesting sir. I love it!
  • As of now, I find it interesting learning via digital. All the lesson taught till now are totally understood and I wish sir could keep this flow continuously.