We believe in:
  • Pursuing excellence in all our endeavours
  • Harnessing the power of numbers, data and technology
  • Developing and promoting our Bhutanese professionals
Thus, our motto is:
"pursuing excellence in harnessing the power of numbers by developing homegrown professionals"

About Us Who Are We?

Our Story

To provide professional consultation in finance and actuarial services
To become a world-class consulting firm in finance and actuarial services
Accountability, Courtesy and Excellence (ACE)

Our Story

Druk Infinity Consulting was established to provide specialized and professional services in finance, accounting and actuarial science. 

Currently, there is an enormous vacuum of Bhutanese consultant in the finance industry. For instance, implementation of Bhutanese Accounting Standard (BAS/BFRS) has underscored our dependence on foreign consultants. This is undesirable not only on account of the huge amount of money that flows out of the country in consultancy fees; it perpetuates our dependence on foreign expertise depriving our human resource of the opportunity to develop their skills.

Thus, with the inspiration drawn from the wise leadership of Our Majesty The King, who always stresses on the importance of developing our human resource and motivation from a number of homegrown training institutions, I have committed to kick-start a movement to develop a host of Bhutanese professionals, consultants and experts who will not only be able to cater to requirements within our economy but also compete globally.

Druk Infinity Consulting is a platform for educated, trained and professionally oriented Bhutanese, especially the young and fresh recruits to learn and grow; for we must grow, not just nationally but regionally and globally.

Our Team

Tandin Dorji Founder and Consultant

Bachelor of Science
Major: Actuarial Science
Minors: Mathematics and Statistics 
Aug 2011 - May 2015
University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), NE, USA
∞ Actuarial valuation
∞ Foundational Leadership Programme, RIGSS
∞ Performance management system
Previous Employment
Actuarial Analyst
National Pension and Provident Fund
August 2015 - January 2019

Dorji Wangdi Founder and CEO

Bachelor of Nursing
Diploma of Nursing
Certificate III in Ageing Support, CIT
Aug 2019 - Dec 2022
University of Canberra(UC), ACT, Australia
∞ AHPRA Registered Nurse
∞ Certified PIER counsellor
∞ Certified OSHC agent
Previous Employment
Insurance Agent
Education Counsellor
Ticketing Agent
More people coming soon ...